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Nielsen Market Size Report

During 2021, domestic sales of educational resources totalled $23.3m (+500k) and export revenues totalled $12.8m. This was an increase of $260k on 2020, and a marked recovery from the 20% drop in export revenue reported the previous year, signaling some return to normality in the key export markets. Of these domestic sales, the vast majority (88.8%, 3.3 share point gain) was New Zealand-published content worth $20.8m (5.9% value growth on 2020) and the remaining $2.6m (11.1% share, 21% value decline from last year’s $3.3m) belonged to imported or overseas published content. This significant 3 share point gain for domestic content highlighted the growth opportunity in New Zealand curriculum content for educational publishers across the pandemic

In contrast to the 17.2% of New Zealand trade books that were exported to markets elsewhere in 2021, the educational sector saw just over twice as many titles exported at 38.2%. The export market held steady against 2020 with a 1.8% uplift to $12.9m primarily due to an increase in exports to the United States and China/rest of Asia.

In terms of the rest of the export markets for New Zealand-published educational books, for the first time, exports to China/rest of Asia surpassed that of the other markets at $4.18m or 33% share (last year Australia was the largest export earner at $4.9m). Followed closely by the United States at $4.16m or 32% and then Australia at $3.9m or 30% share (a 20% value decline year-on-year). The balance of the export market for New Zealand educational books ($608k or 5%, a 2 share point drop) came from the United Kingdom & other markets (not specified). You can read more here or view highlights from the report.

Source: PANZ Market Size Survey 2021, conducted by Nielsen BookData with PANZ members in Feb/March 2022. © Nielsen BookData 2022.