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Code-Ed and Hatch Early Learning join forces to boost literacy

Two leaders in childhood education, Code-Ed Ltd (New Zealand) and Hatch Early Learning (United States), announced a new collaboration to create an expanded collection of print and digital resources to help students boost reading and literacy skills.

Working together, the two companies are providing a suite of solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning. They aim to help increase students’ proficiency in reading and grow in other key areas like math, literacy, and child development.

Code-Ed was founded by the successful team behind Global Ed, one of New Zealand’s leading educational publishers. Scholastic Canada have also signed on to distribute Code-Ed resources in schools across Canada, beginning 2024.

From left to right: Joy Allcock (New Zealand), Tracy Strudley (Global Ed, New Zealand), Sam Bonfante (President of Hatch Learning), Bill Hess (Chairman), Nat Cox (VP Revenue)

From left to right: Duncan Lane (President Scholastic Education, Canada), Tracy Strudley (Global Ed, New Zealand), Molly Faulkner (Publisher Scholastic Education, Canada)