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Tracy Strudley
Director, Global Ed
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Global Education Systems (Global Ed) is a multi-award-winning publishing group that creates literacy resources that teach the skills and reach the heart.

Their educational resources for whole-class and small-group literacy learning:

  • ENGAGE young readers with diverse texts that open their hearts and expand their minds,
  • EMPOWER teachers with embedded instruction that makes the most of every teaching moment, and
  • Systematically teach the skills students need to close learning gaps and EXCEL as readers.

Global Ed is led by Tracy Strudley and Jill Eggleton Q.S.O., an international educational consultant and author of nearly 1000 children’s books. Resources developed by Global Ed include resources for writing, small group, whole class, and independent reading.

Bud-E Reading is a foundational reading program that sets children up to succeed at school and makes learning to read fun, motivating and rewarding. The series introduces children to the key skills in learning to read and write words through a fun digital app as well as a series of lavishly-illustrated picture books. Specifically designed to teach children to love reading and become independent readers, the series also has specific pedagogical features that promote oral language development, comprehension and phonics. A focus panel on each spread provides support for a teacher or parent assisting the reader.

Age range: 4–5
Language: English
Rights available: World excluding New Zealand, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, The Philippines, Japan.

Key Links is Global Ed’s major series in the reading resource field. It moves ‘best literacy practice’ to the next level by supporting a balanced literacy approach that combines the processes of decoding and language comprehension. ​​​With a focus on different reading strategies — shared, guided, and independent reading — the series offers texts tailored uniquely to these different modes of learning. Key Links literacy is a major brand for children 5–10+ years and in 2013 it was a finalist in the Best Product or Resource in the Primary Education category, as well as a finalist in the export category at the CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards.

Age range: 5–10+
Language: English
Rights available: World excluding New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa, Ireland, USA, Canada, US Military Schools, US International Schools, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Japan, UK, Malaysia.

Global Ed’s unique resource for peer group reading is the Connectors series (also called Key Links Peer Reading). This resource is based on extensive research that cites the phenomenal success that peer reading has in lifting student’s comprehension levels. Reciprocal teaching has been shown to increase both reading and listening comprehension, and has demonstrated that students transfer the learning into other contexts. It has also been effective in improving the achievement of learners from diverse backgrounds. Into Connectors introduces this peer-to-peer learning approach to a younger audience. The Connectors series is Global Ed’s most successful reading programme and is distributed by Scholastic UK.

Age range: 6–11+
Language: English
Rights available: World excluding New Zealand, Australia, UK, South Africa, China.

Tracy Strudley, Director, Global Ed
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