Hana Limited

Hana Limited is a publishing company specialising in delivering high-quality Māori language resources to schools and other educational environments. It produces multimedia, cross-curricula resources in te reo Māori and English for teachers and learners. Hana Limited works throughout Aotearoa and the Pacific and has developed strong relationships with whānau, hapū and iwi, and its main client, New Zealand’s Ministry of Education. Hana prides itself in fostering creative excellence, offering diversity in resource material, and inspiring students and teachers in Aotearoa.


Featured series

Te Ao Hurihuri is a multimedia collection of resources based on a lyrical recounting of Māori cosmology. It includes a video, an audio CD of waiata and story, books, a textless large-format book, web based resources, a talking book, winter and summer night sky charts, a lunar planting and fishing guide, lyrics and a song mixer. Te Ao Hurihuri was entered into the TUANZ (Tech Users Association) Awards for Innovation in Education in 2001, and was selected as a finalist.

He Puia, he Iwi is a celebration of an ancestor from the Ngāti Tūwharetoa tribe, and his hailing of volcanic fire to the central North Island region of New Zealand. The history is retold through songs, and chanting, and stories of common ancestors whose links span the wider Pacific. He Puia, he Iwi was published in three languages (Māori, Hawai’ian and English), both in print and digital media. He Puia, he Iwi comprises two books – Ngātoroirangi and Nākoloikalani – an interactive digital resource, and teachers’ support material. Nominated in the category of e-learning, He Puia, he Iwi represented New Zealand at the World Summit Awards in Tunisia, November 2005 (UN Awards for excellence in digital content).

Kā Roimata is a dynamic, multimedia collection of books, music and animation, recounting histories of the Kāi Tahu tribe in the early 19th century. The histories include the Kaihuāka wars in the Canterbury Plains and Banks Peninsula area; the wars between Kāi Tahu and Ngāti Toa; and the pūrākau of the Bluff Oyster. Kā Roimata is published in Kāi Tahu dialect.

Tērā Ia Ngā Tai are graphic novels on three ancestor stories with interactive talking books. The remarkable stories of Hinepoupou, Kahe Te Rauoterangi and Hūria Mātenga, complete with engaging illustrations, are the centrepiece of this resource. Three journals focussing on water sports and water safety are also included in the collection. The resource comprises books for students, and teachers’ support material linked to the New Zealand curriculum.

Hina is a multimedia collection of resources comprising six books for students, posters, an online resource and a teachers’ resource book. This collection is based around the pan-Pacific goddess Hina and the part she played in the origins of kapa making (Hawai’i), the coconut (Manihiki), and kapahaka (Aotearoa). Hana’s Hina books were highly commended at the 2011 CLL Educational Publishing awards in the primary education category, and won the LIANZA best non-fiction publication in te reo Māori.

Ko Wai comprises of four units, each which focuses on a specific tribal “anthem” or song. The units are thematic in nature, and cover multiple learning areas and levels, and are designed to support a Māori worldview. Activities have specifically been chosen to encourage oral language in the classroom – both formal and informal. Each unit straddles multiple areas of the curriculum, including te reo Māori, the Arts, Technology, and Tikanga ā-Iwi (customary knowledge). Throughout the units there are links to existing resources, and other media that allow students to see the “anthems” in a larger cultural and historical context.

He Tipua, he Taniwha has whales as its overarching topic, and is thematic in its teaching approach. The resource comprises seven books for students, a teachers’ resource book, and a set of picture cards. The books for students include four illustrated books, two books that focus on the use of static image in advertising and in newspapers, and one book that is a collection of songs and sayings relating to whales. He Tipua, he Taniwha is designed to support the te reo Māori learning area.

The award-winning Kai Ora series are cross-curriculum resources each centred on a specific theme. Each set in the series features 12 books for students, a teachers’ book with 4-6 comprehensive lessons, and topic-specific resources such as recipe cards or journals. The lessons are logically sequenced, easy to follow and can be easily adapted to meet the needs and interests of students. All three sets in the series focus on food, and weave in Science, Technology, te reo Māori and Tikanga ā-Iwi (customary knowledge). Two of the books from Kai Ora 2 were nominated as finalists in the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2008, and one of them was the category winner.

Existing international relationships

Hana Limited has worked on a number of projects with ohana and their communities in Hilo, Hawai’i. They welcome opportunities to work with indigenous communities throughout the Pacific and the world.



Hana Pomare
Publisher, Hana Limited