Edify is an Auckland-based educational publishing and distribution company. They provide outstanding print and digital content and solutions to support outstanding outcomes for learners, and are active at every level of the curriculum from early childhood education through to postgraduate education. As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Edify publishes their own list, as well as partnering with a select group of market leading New Zealand publishers. Edify are proud to be the representatives of Pearson, a global powerhouse of innovation and excellence in educational services and solutions. They also represent one of the world’s premium brands in the world of publishing, Oxford University Press.  



Series Information

Lanky Hippo is an award-winning series of stunning, full-colour, science-based readers specifically designed to assist teaching and learning at the most crucial stage: the beginning. Featuring rich learning experiences across all strands at the earliest stage of the curriculum, Lanky Hippo books offer a well-prepared delivery of initial reading skills and strategies. The series are highly sequential with a fully supported suggested teaching sequence. Learning guides focus on the essentials, as well as highlight further learning opportunities. In 2016, the Lanky Hippo series was awarded the Winner of the Golden Lamp at the Association of American Publishers’ REVERE Awards. 

LanguageNut is a trustworthy digital language learning platform designed to engage students and enhance performance. The LanguageNut team has worked with language teachers as well as the Māori community to build a language learning tool that New Zealand teachers trust. The offering for primary school now has 28 world languages, including te reo Māori, and local Pacific Island languages. LanguageNut ESOL enables low-literacy learners with 29 support languages, and LanguageNut Secondary offers pedagogically-robust activities and exam preparation for the New Zealand curriculum. All LanguageNut platforms feature automatically-marked games and activities, as well as points, medals, and unlockable achievements. These features provide a highly engaging environment to nurture receptive and productive language schools. Teachers have the ability to set individual tasks and monitor student progress, and student attainment can be recognised with printable reports and certificates. A subscription to LanguageNut can support learning beyond the classroom too, offering students the chance to hone their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills at home.

Maths Aotearoa is the new, updated edition of the well-loved and trusted Pearson Mathematics series. All student books and teacher books are reflect up-to-date developments in the New Zealand curriculum and include learning progressions for each unit, as well as concept development and key knowledge building for each chapter. Maths Aotearoa features more teacher knowledge building and “Wilkie Way” support material for each chapter. Teacher books provide “Figure it Out” links throughout each chapter, and student books come with learning outcomes in student language. Author Charlotte Wilkinson is a respected private education consultant specialising in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and a Ministry of Education-accredited facilitator for in-school professional development.

Alpha Mathematics and Beta Mathematics are two highly successful series for secondary school, now in their third editions. Rich in cross-curricular applications, the mathematical activities are designed to relate to the students’ own experiences and are grounded in a New Zealand context. Hundreds of questions, puzzles, investigations, and exercises provide variety and interest to a range of students, and ensure ample skills practice. Each series contains a textbook, workbook, a digital resource, and additional downloadable student resources. Workbooks offer a write-on publication for student use at home or in class, while the digital resource contains a linked version of the textbook, optimised for use in the classroom for ‘front of class’ teaching or by students on their own devices.

Edify’s geography resources offer a range of practical resources to support secondary school teachers and students. Geography 1.4, 2.4 and 3.4 assist students to apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment. Now in their fourth editions, the wide range of activities offered by this notable series cover full colour topographical maps, précis maps, weather maps, choropleth maps, photographs and cartoons, field sketches, geographic concepts and Māori terms. Students are also given the chance to develop research skills, and practice concise and accurate writing. A full answer section is included but can be removed for assessment purposes. Edify’s geography publications also include Coastal Processes and Muriwai: A Field Guide, which focus specifically on the rich landscapes that New Zealand has to offer. These locally-focussed publications have been successful in helping students to gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the natural and human processes at work at the interface of land and sea.

The New Zealand Chef provides in-depth information on classical techniques and contemporary styles to all levels of chef training. This book is an invaluable guide for trainee chefs, chef tutors and lecturers as well as enthusiastic cooks wanting to improve their skills. Recent graduates from throughout New Zealand have contributed innovative feature recipes to this edition, and their inclusion adds to the strongly contemporary, local flavour and appeal of this book. The New Zealand Chef provides a strong foundation for students studying to achieve qualifications both within the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) framework and that of City and Guilds.

Business Law in New Zealand: An Introduction (Second Edition) provides students with a straightforward overview of the legal environment within which businesses in New Zealand must operate. This book covers the needs of business law courses within the Bachelor of Business, and can also be prescribed for other courses on law and mediation. In addition, it will be of use to anyone who needs to have an awareness of the legal duties associated with doing business in New Zealand and wishes to quickly grasp the essential aspects of the legal framework. The text is also suitable for tertiary courses in introductory business law generally.

Existing international relationships

Edify proudly represents major international publisher Pearson in New Zealand and its associated territories. Pearson is home to a vast catalogue and many of New Zealand’s favourite educational resources, providing the very best solutions to help learners reach their full potential. Edify also represents Oxford University Press and is responsible for the promotion of Oxford University Press’ global catalogue to New Zealand customers. Furthermore, Edify represents Eleanor Curtain Publishing (ECP), an award-winning independent Australian publisher specialising in early literacy programmes and teacher reference. 

From within the New Zealand publishing market, Edify is the sales and distribution provider for a number of market-leading educational publishers including Sunshine Books, Sheena Cameron, Lanky Hippo, and Red Rocket Readers.



Adrian Keane
Chief Executive, Edify